Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Easy Banana Muffins

These are delicious earthy wholesome breakfast muffins that only take a few minutes to throw together - you can even make the mix up the night before and just whack it in the oven in the morning.

I love that this recipe has no eggs or sugar, because sometimes we run out and I still want to bake, it's always handy to have something in your repertoire for cakemergencies
This recipe roughly based on Nigella Lawson's Banana Muffin Recipe from How to Cook. I've changed the recipe somewhat over time to make it really simple and possible for Small to bake on her own. (except for the oven bit)



30g - Butter (or Margarine or spread)
2 tbsp - Honey
½ tsp - Vanilla extract

2 - Super-ripe Bananas

150g - Flour (wholemeal works well)
1 tsp - Baking powder
1 tsp - Bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp - Cinnamon
Pinch of Salt


Put your oven on at 180C

Measure out the Butter, Honey and Vanilla into a heatproof bowl and melt them together - We pop it in the microwave for 30/40 seconds.

Stick the bananas in the bowl and mush them up - you could use a masher or a fork, but if they are really ripe the back of a mixing spoon will do.

Add all the dry ingredients and stir.

Don't stir too much, just enough to have no dry lumps. At first it will look very dry, but it will come together.

I get between 9 and 12 cup-cake sized muffins, because I don't have a proper muffin tin, but this size suits us. The same mixture will work for proper sized muffins or mini-muffins, just adjust the cooking time.

Pop them in the oven for at 180C for 20 mins (or until golden brown on top)

These muffins taste lovely with a bit of Nutella while they are still warm and moist... If you leave them to cool they make a lovely addition to a packed lunch or picnic.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Fixing Broken Brio Track

We inherited a HUGEMUNGULOUS box of pre-loved Brio when our friend moved out of our village. A few of the more exciting pieces were missing their pegs and had sat in our not-spare-spare-room for a few months before I eventually got round to fixing them.

I don't always update the blog with the wee things I do that make our home 'handmade' - this is one of them.

ouch! sorry boys!

I used the hacksaw to cut the 'male' bits off of a few bits of track that were damaged in other ways (a couple had been coloured in with felt-tip pen)

I sanded down the rough edges.

Then I Superglued them to the broken pieces of track

Then I won the award for:
'Best Mum Ever Who Can Fix Anything'!


What I definitely did NOT do:

  • Superglue my hand to a piece of brio track (Yeah, I did)
  • Superglue a piece of paper to the table (Yeah, I did)
  • Play with them too soon and have to re-glue (Yeah I did)
  • Mistake Superglue for eyedrops and get rushed to hospital (I didn't do this, but one of my siblings once did - so at least I know it runs in the family)

The Nitty Gritty:

  • I couldn't find any on-line tips for doing this, so I made it up as I went along...
  • I had quite a few broken and messed up bits of brio track, I fixed the most exciting bits at the expense of the less-than-perfect bits.
  • A cheapo baby hacksaw - fitted with a wood blade.
  • A sanding sponge block: grade 120 - you could use a wee bit of fine sandpaper, or an emery board (which are brilliant for sanding tiny things)
  • Superglue - in the USA I think you call it Krazyglue? its the stuff that sticks anything to anything else... especially skin.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Retail Therapy

I've had a tiny bit of a shopping spree...

It started in IKEA, I popped Small in the Crèche, took a couple of cocodomol, and pushed a trolley round on my own, well, Teeny was sleeping in the trolley, but it still counts.

Most of it is practical stuff, but I am really rubbish at shopping and going on a wee trip round a shop on my own is a very rare occurrence.

I've been a bit down see...

Pelvic Dysfunction 
To-Do list
(i.e. Stuff that actually needs done)
Want To-Do list
(much bigger than the actual to-do list... much, much, much bigger, and more fun)
Home Education
there goes most of the 'want to-do' list
(who rarely sleeps through the night)
and there goes most of the 'need to-do' list

I'm not quite having a melt down, but I soooo love to roll my sleeves up and get my hands dirty ... and frequently also my arms, knees and face too.

Those days will return, but I miss washing plaster dust out of my hair at 2am.

oh yeah...


I went online...


I bought myself a new laptop!

That same seal-pup-turquoise chromebook HP let me review a few weeks back.


I don't do splurge, I don't often do shopping - This is genuinely about as crazy as I get.

I'm excited about all my new pretty things.

I'm going to go and play now.
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